• Monday - Thursday: 3pm - 11pm
    (Last seating: 9:30pm)
    Friday: 3pm - 11pm
    (Last seating: 10:30pm)
    Saturday: 12pm - 11pm
    (Last seating: 10:30pm)
    Sunday: 12pm - 10pm
    (Last seating: 9pm)
Frequently Asked Questions


Guests come in to enjoy either Cook-Your-Own Hot Pot, Cook-Your-Own Japanese BBQ, or a combination of both, all done right at your table. Our team will guide you along in cooking things properly if it is your first time or have any questions. It is a fun, healthy, social way to enjoy a meal!

Shabu Shabu, which translates in English to "Swish Swish", is the method of cooking meat, vegetables, and noodles in a boiling soup base. The name derives from the method of using your chopsticks to swish the food around in the broth until it cooks.

A Yakiniku is a circular sloped grill built into a table which is used to cook meats and vegetables. The shape and grill slots allow faster cooking and excess fat to drip away from meats, making the cooking process a healthy one.

1) Guests sit down and, as a table, decide together on a choice of Hot Pot, BBQ, or Both
2) Guest choose their food items and order beverages
3) Servers bring food choices to table for cooking, and, if necessary, show guests how to do it
4) Guests enjoy their food
5) Guest order additional rounds of food if they choose to do so within the 90 minute time frame

Yes, each table must make a unanimous decision. We charge per person based on which of these three options the table chooses, but everyone at the table will be charged the same when making one of those three choices (Kids under 5 feet and kids under 3 feet are discounted, but must still choose the same cooking method as everyone else).

Guests are encouraged to try and experience the variety of amazing foods & flavors included in each of our packages. We offer a Shabu Shabu package, a Table BBQ package, and a Combo Shabu Shabu & Table BBQ package. Since the set up for each package differs greatly and is quite elaborate, it is not possible for guests dining together to "mix & match" packages. Instead, we hope guests will return and try different packages to see what suits them best! When in doubt, everyone should opt for the combo as it is just a few dollars more per person!

ABSOLUTELY! Our servers are specially trained to help first-timers learn how to cook, and they will even help you cook your first round of food!

Don't worry! We take food preparation very seriously at JBBQ and hold all foods within the NYS Board of Health guidelines. Your menu is meant to stay at the table for your entire meal, and every single item has a cooking time associated with it. If you follow the cooking times on the menu, you will be fine!

Each individual may order up to FIVE items at a time. If other guests at the table order the same items as you, the same items will be put together on one plate in order to make more room at your table.

Yes! You do not need to be a carnivore to enjoy our menu, we love vegetarians too! Items on the menu marked with special symbols indicate vegetarian and gluten free options. Ask your server for more details!

You may order as many rounds as you would like, as long as you are within the 90 minute time limit.

Guests can order kitchen appetizers at any time during their 90 minute period. Each kitchen appetizer ordered counts as one of five items that can be ordered at a time.

The sauce bar is FREE for all guests and offers a variety of additional, tempting sauces, fresh garnishes, seasonal fruit, and more. Extra bowls are located under the sauce bar for you to create your own dipping options. Please enjoy our sauce bar at any point during your cooking experience!

Guests are permitted an hour and a half of all-you-can-eat. Your final opportunity to order food and beverages will be offered to you at the 75 minute mark by your server. KEEP IN MIND WE DO NOT ALLOW LEFTOVERS TO BE TAKEN HOME.

WE DO NOT ALLOW LEFTOVERS FROM YOUR TABLE TO BE TAKEN HOME - This allows us to keep costs down and charge you a lower price.

Right now, we do not offer take-out options, but check in with us in the future as we might have an ala carte menu later on which might be available for pick-up and third-party platforms.

Each guest may enjoy a free ice cream cup which is included in the price of their dinner. If a guest wants a second ice cream, that is fine, but all ice cream must be consumed within the restaurant. Any ice cream taken out of the restaurant will incur a $2 surcharge.

JBBQ & Shabu Shabu has locations in Bay Shore, Smithtown, and Commack!

Monday-Friday 3PM-11PM (last table will be sat at 9:30PM).
Saturdays 12PM-11PM (last table will be sat at 9:30PM).
Sundays 12PM-10PM (last table will be sat at 8:30PM).

No, we have only one menu option, and it is available at all times

Yes! Come enjoy ice cold beer, wine, sake (hot and cold), Korean Soju, a full spread of your favorite spirits, and specialty cocktails!

You can order ala carte kitchen appetizers at the bar, but Shabu Shabu and Table Grilling are not possible at the bar. Please note that kitchen appetizers are FREE when you dine at tables, but are charged separately at the bar.

No, we do not allow outside food or beverages to be brought into JBBQ. HOWEVER, if you have booked a large party with us and it is to celebrate a special occasion, you may bring in a bakery-made dessert which we will hold for you and serve at the end of your meal. Homemade desserts are not allowed per NYS Board of Health rules.

No, pets are not allowed per NYS Board of Health rules. Service dogs with proper identification and documentation are allowed to accompany persons with disabilities, but service animals may not be fed any food while doing their job assisting their handlers.

No, we accept walk-ins too, but reservations are always a good idea after 5PM all days of the week. Call us to make your reservation!

Yes! We have a private VIP dining room available for use for up to 10 guests, and we have a semi-private Party Room in the back which can handle up to 24 guests (12 per table). Call us for more details!

JBBQ is always looking for rockstars to join our team - speak with a manager to fill out an application!