• Monday - Thursday: 3pm - 11pm
    (Last seating: 9:30pm)
    Friday: 3pm - 11pm
    (Last seating: 10:30pm)
    Saturday: 12pm - 11pm
    (Last seating: 10:30pm)
    Sunday: 12pm - 10pm
    (Last seating: 9pm)


Welcome to JBBQ Wok & Dumpling, Long Island's premiere destination for high quality, delicious Chinese cuisine!

Behind fiery woks in the kitchen, JBBQ's chefs are stir-frying up exciting dishes from all parts of China. Particularly famous are dishes from Western China's Sichuan (also known as Szechuan) region where the flavors are always bold and, at times, spicy. Kung Pao Chicken, Fish Filet in Sweet & Sour Sauce, and MaPo Tofu are just three wok-sauteed dishes that have migrated from Sichuan to America.

For those looking for milder cuisine, JBBQ chefs are skilled in cooking classic Chinese-American favorites too. These classic favorites originated mostly from the Guangdong (also known as Canton) Southern region. Chicken with Broccoli, Shrimp in Lobster Sauce, General Tso's Chicken, fried rice, and lo mein noodles have become synonymous with the satisfying Chinese-American culinary experience.

As for dumplings, there is no shortage of great choices as each region of China is proud of their own style!

First and foremost, handmade soup dumplings have always been a local favorite of the Shanghainese in Eastern China. Only recently has the East Coast of America discovered these precious dumplings. If you haven't tried them, they are a must try! JBBQ offers a full variety of soup dumplings, much like the best restaurants in Flushing, only closer to home.

From the East we move South to the Cantonese in Southern China. They have perfected Shrimp Shumai and other familiar dim sum dumplings over many centuries.

Back up North are the colder provinces including Beijing, whose streets are adorned with carts selling heartier, more substantial dumplings which are often pan-fried.

JBBQ will serve all these types of dumplings and wok favorites, making it an ideal destination for those wanting to experience the many cuisines of China! We guarantee that your meal here will be unlike any Chinese food dining experience you have ever had!